News Plexus LLC was formed to introduce a new business model for news, one that doesn’t depend on ad revenue. Instead of ads from third party networks, we are publishing news that will be funded by readers and local sponsors. We’re also utilizing Transact, a new payment system, so that people who don’t want to subscribe to a website can still access content behind a paywall, by paying for individual articles.

We started by publishing streams on a network called Notd, which lets anyone offer “micro-subscriptions” that can be priced as low as one cent per month. Notd has many features not available on social networks, while including the best parts of them.

Now we are launching local news sites, starting with the Peninsula Chronicle, a site that reports on business news on the Virginia Peninsula. We’ve not just focusing on how a news site generates revenue, but also what it publishes. Because many local news sites are designed to deliver ads, they focus on creating content to place those ads. The Chronicle focuses on news and information that people in its community should know, without pop-up videos and other ads that ruin the reading experience by re-drawing your screen.

We’ll also be launching other local business news sites in the near future, including one in nearby Ventura County, CA – The Ventura Journal.

You can contact us via email at Feel free to check out our partners. Also, if you are a journalist who would like to create a local news publication in your community, let us know, we might be able to help you get it started.